Michael Mejia Photography

About Michael Mejia

Michael Mejia specializes in Portraiture for Professional or Personal usage in collateral, publications, and websites. 35 years behind the camera bring a clarity of vision, deft engagement, and crisp execution. The service pallette is enhanced  with Event imaging, and Groups in support of my client's adjunctive needs. I welcome your inquiry.

The Scribe at the Bazaar.

Anyone can pick up a quill but it is the Scribe who understands voice and the wrtten word. Everyone seems to understand the visual language to some degree but few know how to speak it. That's what I do.

What people want is to be chosen or remembered well. I've worked with people forever, from CEOs to Girl Scouts, and it is the individuality in each one that I embrace and bring forth. Whether in a magazine or on the refrigerator the image conveys the best of what we are about. With a sense of craft,  knowledge of people and what they are about, the path is certain.

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